Thanks to its optimised formula, ESTOL-Biomak can be used for all road surfaces, like stone mastic asphalt, poured asphalt and concrete for example.



ESTOL-Biomak is ideal for improving and compensating uneven areas as well as for repairing damage on thin pavement layers. ESTOL-Biomak is suitable for creating new surface layers after raising and regulating shafts and gutters.
ESTOL-Biomak 0/2 - Installation depth up to max. 10 mm
ESTOL-Biomak 0/4 -Installation depth up to max. 40 mm
ESTOL-Biomak 0/8 - Installation depth up to max. 60 mm
ESTOL–Biomak 0/11 - Installation depth up to max. 80 mm
Deeper damaged areas can be evened out using ESTOL-Biomak (and/or filled with loose chippings).


ESTOL-Biomak is a reactively hardening asphalt mixture with 0/2, 0/4, 0/8, and 0/11 chipping grain sizes.
ESTOL-Biomak can be cold processed with a high initial stability after approx. 15 minutes.
ESTOL-Biomak sets quickly when water is added, whereby the material also adheres well to moist surfaces.
BIOMAK is 100 % solvent-free. ESTOL-Biomak 0/2 can be spread extremely smooth. Deformation is no longer possible after setting, even at high temperatures during summer months.
ESTOL-Biomak can be easily paved on and can also be installed in frost temperatures (follow technical data sheet).
ESTOL-Biomak is made with renewable plant materials and is also recyclable making it environmentally friendly.


Clean surface from dust and standing water.
Apply a thin coat of ESTOL-C40B5-S or ESTOL-Adhesion Primer for thin layers without flank adhesion and concrete surfaces.
Distribute ESTOL-Biomak generously over the damaged area.
Sprinkle well with water (e.g. watering can); approx. 1 - 2l for 30 kg of mixture. Immediately compact the mix well using a tamper or agitator-plate.
Lightly sand the surface to decrease surface stickiness. Open section for flowing traffic. ... finished!


ESTOL-Biomak is available in 30 kg containers. 27 containers are packed onto one pallet.
Store the container in a cool, dry place and do not expose to direct sunlight. ESTOL-Biomak can be stored in its unopened original container for up to 6 months. Partially empty containers must be used up quickly.
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