ESTOL-Contact Adhesive D
Joins all connection seams in asphalt surfaces and landfill construction. Creates watertight and voltage by-passing connections between old surface layers and new layers that are to be constructed.


ESTOL Contact Adhesive D comes ready-to-use in a container and is cold workable.
The viscose bitumen solution is polymer-modified.
The material has excellent water stability.
The usage of ESTOL-Contact Adhesive D is about 30 g/m and cm cutting edge height. ESTOL-Contact Adhesive D is a safe and economic alternative to joint tape. The water impermeability is confirmed by the IFM-Rottweil test certificate. The material withstands tensile stress.
Milled edges are securely sealed with ESTOL-Contact Adhesive D.


ESTOL-Contact Adhesive D must be stirred before use.
Seam edges should be dry and mostly dust-free. Prime with ESTOL-C40B5-S if necessary.
Apply ESTOL-Contact Adhesive D with a brush, scraper or the "ESTOL-Rapid Device", which has been designed especially for this purpose (recommended for larger ceiling construction measures) fully onto the seam edge with a thickness of 3 mm.
After a ventilation period of about 15 minutes the hot mix can be paved on.


ESTOL-Contact Adhesive D is available in 25 kg containers. 16 containers are packed onto one pallet.
ESTOL-Contact Adhesive D can be stored up to one year in its unopened original container. Do not place the container in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Store indoors in a cool, dry place; do not store outside.
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