MAKABIT 82 ® SUPER 0/5, 0/8, 0/11
Application Eliminates damage on all road surfaces:
Makabit® 82 Super 0/5 - Installation depth up to max. approx. 50 mm
Makabit® 82 Super 0/8 - Installation depth up to max. approx. 60 mm
Makabit® 82 Super 0/11 -Installation depth up to max. approx. 80 mm



Deeper damage areas can be evened out using Makabit 82 ® Super (and/or filled with loose chippings). Creating a new top layer, after raising and regulating shafts and gutter run-off, for example. Creating a new top layer for any digging work done on traffic surfaces.
Creating ramps and providing repairs to both industrial floorings (including concrete) as well as to courtyard and garage surfaces.


Makabit 82 ® Super is a high-quality cold mixture with fast-setting properties and unsurpassed adhesive strength.
Makabit 82 ® Super comes ready-to-use in a container (1-component) and can be used immediately. Processing can be performed independent of weather conditions, all year round as well as in frost temperatures.
Makabit 82 ® Super can be driven on immediately after compaction. After setting, Makabit 82 ® Super has the same stability of a hot asphalt and poured asphalt surface (see test report from the TU-Munich no: 50-11-0529). Deformation is no longer possible after setting, even at high temperatures during summer months.
Makabit 82 ® Super can be paved on with conventional hot mixture paving after a brief staying time. Makabit 82 ® Super is verifiably recyclable after installation (documented by the KIT test report).


Clean dry, damaged areas and pre-treat with ESTOL C40B5-S or ESTOL-Adhesion Primer. For optimum flank adhesion add a thin coat of ESTOL-Contact Adhesive.
Apply Makabit 82 ® Super generously to the surface and distribute evenly, then compact using a tamper, vibrating plate or roller.
Lightly sand the surface to reduce surface stickiness.
Open section for flowing traffic. ... finished!


Makabit 82 ® Super is available in 25 kg or 40 kg containers. 32 containers with 25 kg are packed onto one pallet and 16 or 24 containers with 40 kg are packed onto one pallet. Makabit 82 ® Super is frost-tolerant (for better processing during winter months we nonetheless recommend storage at room temperature).
Store the container in a cool, dry place and do not expose to direct sunlight. Makabit 82 ® Super can be stored in its unopened original container for approx. one year. Opened containers should be closed and quickly used up.
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