ESTOL-Super 2000
ESTOL-SUPER 2000 is used to repair cracks on roads.
Only use ESTOL-SUPER 2000 outside.


ESTOL-SUPER 2000 is a cold workable material based on a bituminous plastic combination that contains solvents.
ESTOL-SUPER 2000 penetrates deep into cracks, sealing them and thereby restoring the crack-damaged surface.
ESTOL-Super 2000 is frost-tolerant.


The surface being restored must be free of water, dirt and loose particles.
ESTOL-SUPER 2000 is poured into the crack and immediately sprinkled with 2 - 5 mm premium chippings. The section of road can be released for traffic immediately.


ESTOL-SUPER 2000 is available in 30 kg tin containers. 16 containers are packed onto one pallet.
ESTOL-SUPER 2000 can be stored for up to one year in an closed container.
Do not expose the container to direct sunlight.
Do not store ESTOL-SUPER 2000 outside.
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