ESTOL-Asphalt Cast
Quickly eliminates damage on any road surfaces with a depth of up to approx. 50 mm (fill and compact deeper damage using multiple layers of ESTOL-Asphalt Cast).


Lasting repair of damaged areas on surfaces exposed to heavy mechanical stress, like highways, main roads, race tracks, airports, industrial hangers (forklift traffic) etc. Filling drill holes
Creating new base surface layers after raising/regulating shafts, gutter connections, valve covers, etc. ramps


ESTOL-Asphalt Cast is a non-porous, thermo-plastic asphalt with grain size 0/4
- Ready-to-use in the form of a granulated product packed in a container
- Weather-safe, can be applied all year round
- Easy and fast repair solution on almost all surfaces
- Flows at processing temperatures of approx. 200 °C
- Can be exposed to heavy mechanical stress 10-20 min. after installation (depending on paving thickness)
- Stability is equal to a mastic asphalt surface
- Absolutely resistant to deformation
- Even at high temperatures in the summer months, no deformation is possible after setting.
- Can be paved over immediately with all standard hot mix coatings
- Complies with German regulations. ESTOL-Asphalt Cast is CE-certified


All loose particles, like dust, sand, etc. are to be removed from the surface being treated. In order to bind the dust, the surfaces should be treated with a thin coat of ESTOL-Adhesive or ESTOL-Adhesion Primer, especially where there is no flank adhesion and on concrete surfaces Heat ESTOL-Asphalt Cast in a suitable boiler while stirring regularly to at least 160 °C (for installation followed by re-compaction), or heat ESTOL-Asphalt Cast to at least 200 °C for the material to flow (no re-compaction required). Apply the material onto the surface and distribute using an appropriate tool (asphalt spreader, wooden spreader). The product can also be laid by hand layer-by-layer using a propane gas burner (heat evenly). If necessary, pre-bituminised, fine grained chippings can be scattered into the mixture while it is still hot, if the surface is meant to have more grip (lightly roll the chippings afterwards as needed). The area can be opened to traffic or other stress after approx. 10 - 20 min. depending on paving thickness.


12 kg plastic containers (packaged on euro-pallets 33 x 12 kg)
Big-Bag containing 0.95 t each
Store in a cool, dry place
Avoid lengthy exposure of the container to direct sunlight or heat
Unlimited storage period
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