ESTOL-Slurry L
ESTOL-Slurry L is used to seal pores and create protective surface layers on asphalt and concrete bases, mainly on roads, highway shoulders, pedestrian zones and bike lanes, courtyards, plazas, and hotel driveways, to name a few.


ESTOL-Slurry L is ideal for sealing and regenerating worn-out and worn-down asphalt surface layers.
ESTOL-Slurry L is distinguished by grip enhancing additives that make it suitable for sealing pores in asphalt surface layers.
Intended for outdoor use only; not intended for use in enclosed spaces.


ESTOL-Slurry L complies with TL-Sbit requirements and is distinguished by the following characteristics:
ESTOL-Slurry L comes ready-to-use in a container and is cold workable.
ESTOL-Slurry L consists of a polymer-modified bitumen bonding agent that contains solvents, enriched with fine-grain mineral substances (up to 0.6 mm).
ESTOL-Slurry L regenerates the asphalt surface with its active bonding agent that penetrates into the surface.


Clean dry, damaged areas well. ESTOL-Slurry L should be stirred before application. The ground temperature should be above +5 °C. Expect considerably longer drying times at lower temperatures.
Remove loose particles and pre-treat cracks with Makabit® 82 Super, ESTOL-Repair Mortar or ESTOL-Biomak if necessary (depending on the depth of the cracks).
The Slurry is applied with a rubber spreader and sharply stripped away (not suitable for profile corrections).
For work under street traffic, sprinkle subsequently with crusher dust (0/2 mm). After a short setting time the areas can be opened again to traffic. One application of approx. 1 - 2 kg/qm is usually enough (depending on the constitution of the surface).


ESTOL-Slurry L is available in 40 kg containers. 16 containers are packed onto one pallet.
ESTOL-Slurry L can be stored in it unopened original container for a maximum of up to twelve months. Store container indoors in a cool, dry place; do not store outside.
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