ESTOL-Bitumen Slurry
ESTOL-Bitumen Slurry is used to seal pores and create protective surface layers on asphalt and concrete bases, mainly on roads, highway shoulders, construction site roads (e.g. sealing the bonding layer) pedestrian zones and bike lanes, school yards and hotel driveways, to name a few.


ESTOL-Bitumen Slurry is ideal for sealing freshly poured asphalt pavement to protect against wear-out and ageing of the pavement.
ESTOL-Bitumen Slurry is great for visually upgrading asphalt and concrete surfaces. To increase roughness, ESTOL-Bitumen Slurry can be mixed with about 10% sand with grain size 0/2.


ESTOL-Bitumen Slurry is compliant with the requirements of ZTV BEA-StB 09 and distinguished by the following properties:
ESTOL-Bitumen Slurry is solvent-free and water-based, making it environmentally friendly.
ESTOL-Bitumen Slurry comes ready-to-use with filler material.
ESTOL-Bitumen Slurry is easy-to-use without machines.
ESTOL-Bitumen Slurry is resistant against mechanical strains.


ESTOL-Bitumen Slurry should be stirred before application.
Evenly distribute the slurry using a squeegee and strip across the asphalt surface. If weather conditions are very hot the asphalt surface should be moistened slightly with water before the slurry is applied.
Older asphalt surfaces should be pre-coated with slurry that has been diluted with water or with ESTOL-C40B5-S as a bonding bridge.
The treated surfaces can only be opened to traffic once the slurry has dried. The drying time for each slurry layer is about 30 minutes.
Lower temperatures delay the drying process.
A second coating of ESTOL-Bitumen Slurry can be applied once the first layer has dried completely.


ESTOL-Bitumen Slurry is available in 40 kg containers. 16 containers are packed onto one pallet.
ESTOL-Bitumen Slurry can be stored in its unopened original container for up to 6 months.
The container must be stored in a frost-free environment. Avoid direct sunlight or strong heat.
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